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SAMD21G Sensor Board with Color Oled

This Sensor Board is yet another variation of the other one on my site. It is not for sale and was designed with no real purpose in mind. It was created as design challenge. My full time job is pcb design work and as a hobby I enjoy experimenting with new design ideas. This was one of the more challenging designs I’ve worked on in a while. A few times I’d given up on routing it. Evan using four routing layers I found it tough. The idea was to hide the bezel of the display behind the board but have sensor components on that same board. It would look something like a little tiny television.  This first revision has issues but the design so far can possibly help others in some way. Full credit goes to Adafruit for publishing the Feather M0 design files along with the bootloader. I used the Feather design to create the schematic for my board. Credit also goes to Microwavemont and the SSD1331 library that he has  on his site compiles error free using the Arduino IDE.

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The hardware consists of:-SAMD21G18A processor (used in the Adafruit Feather)

-HDC1080DMBT temperature/humidity sensor

-DS1340U RTC battery backed

-MicroSD card connector (design error on this revision)

-RGB Led

-Navigation Button and pushbutton

-0.95″ color oled display

Feel free to grab the design files and test code at: github

This design has quite a few errors that must be fixed on the next revision. The biggest one is the microSD card holder getting in the way of the glass on the backside. A few other issues are to resize the glass window a bit, source a new slide power switch, source a new smaller RGB led and somehow hide the ugly flex cable that sticks out of the bottom.


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