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MicroUSB powered ESP8266 Oled Board

I created this design as a challenge to make a design under 1″ x 1″ in size.



Feel free to order the blank board from OSH Park


Solder on all the components on the list from here. In the PCB directory you will find a .pdf that has a parts map and components needed.


Soldering the ribbon cable of the glass to the PCB is very easy once you do a few.


Solder on the ESP-01 wifi module


Double sided tape on the back of the glass holds it in place.


Feel free to grab example sketch from my git site. These sketches were created by others here.

I’ve modified the I/O pins to work with my hardware.

When programming using the Arduino IDE you must disconnect the board from the microUSB connector. Now press and hold down the tiny pushbutton on the board, while pressing, plug in the microUSB connector, wait 2 seconds and then release the button. A new COM Port should appear in the IDE and then upload your sketch.

  1. Alex permalink

    Is it possible to read out the data of a specific/personal weather station from wunderground?

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