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ESP8266 Color Oled

I’ve been keeping an eye on the SSD1331 library to see if it would eventually work with the ESP8266 wifi modules. I noticed the support for it appeared one day with the Adafruit library so I tried it out on my Adafruit Hazzah and success!

I wanted a clean design without jumper wires so I created revision 1 of this design below. All hardware appears to work fine so far. It’s a pretty simple design. No buttons, switches or sensors of any kind. Just a microUSB connector for power and uploading new sketches, an LDO, FTDI usb interface, ESP and a 0.95″ color oled display.




Assembly instructions:

-order the board from OSH Park here: The price for three 4 layer pcbs is $18.40

-order the components on the parts list, follow the parts placement map and use the test sketches located here: hand stuff the components, solder on the oled display but do not tape it down yet.

-connect the board to the Arduino IDE, pick the Adafruit Hazzah as the board, choose the right com port and load in one of the example sketches that I’ve modified for this hardware.

-if all is well then tape down the display.


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